Nurturing Engineering Talent at Beyond Now

How to grow in a “real” microservice software company? How is it working at Beyond Now? In this article you’ll learn what a System Engineer is doing – talking form a nutshell. Stay tuned…

To understand more about the Engineering community, we interviewed Jack Shahhoud, a valued member of our Engineering Team based in Graz, Austria who joined us in January 2023. Jack tells us why he loves being a Systems Engineer at Beyond Now, a company that champions collaboration. He describes how his childhood hobbies of maths and repairing computers set him on his current career path that took an interesting turn he moved to Austria from Syria in 2015:

Please clarify your job title, what you do and which customers you work with at Beyond Now
I am a Software/Systems Engineer working in the delivery team where I focus on SaaS and the customization of our Infonova Digital Business Platform. I only recently joined Beyond Now and immediately started working on a large project with a well-known European telco.

What is your background and how did you get into your current role?
I love programming! When I was a boy, I was good at maths and enjoyed repairing computers, so I thought maybe I could combine both and make a career out of it. I moved to Austria in 2015 and completed a Bachelors Degree in Informatics and Computer Science at the Graz Technical University. While I was there, I also worked as a tutorial assistant which was fun. I then started working for Skaylink focusing more on data analysis and SaaS which is why I have a lot of knowledge in that area. I’m currently doing my Masters at the Vienna University of Technology, writing my thesis on using web assembly in a serverless environment. I find the lectures and studies in Vienna very interesting, and the city is pretty cool too! However, I missed Graz and this is why returned to the city and took a job at Beyond Now.

What motivates you when you’re at work?
Beyond Now is fantastic! I joined in January and went through a very supportive onboarding process. It can be challenging for new starters to adapt when they join a new company and the technology is complicated. The delivery team has lots of members in different countries, but in Graz, we like to have two office days a week where we can meet in person and collaborate together. I really enjoyed the celebration of Beyond Now’s 1 year anniversary as I got to meet colleagues based both here in Graz and internationally, and work in teams to build ‘chain reactions’.

What have been your career highlights?
Working in such a great team has been a real highlight as, when you work from home alone, it can be isolating. Meeting people and working together on a project gives you a really good feeling. That said, I do love the flexibility of a home office as software engineering isn’t dependant on you being physically in the office all the time. I like to try out different technologies which is why working for Beyond Now is great for me as they are very SaaS/AWS focused.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
I’m originally from Syria and moved to Austria when I was 17 in 2015 as a war refugee. It was challenging to adapt at first and learn a new language, but I worked hard and I’ve made it this far which I’m very proud of. I am currently writing my Master’s thesis at the same time as working full time, so time management can be a challenge. During my university studies, I had to work with a lot of people, and sometimes, not everyone was a team player! But you have to find a way to work together and reach a successful goal.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning their career in your role?
When you join a new company, take your time to adapt to the role and the people. Learn as much as you can in those first few months and really get to know your colleagues and teammates. But most of all, just enjoy it!

What do you like to do outside of work (hobbies)?
I really love football and when I was younger, I played almost to a professional level. I enjoy watching all the big games, especially Liverpool and Barcelona, and I’d really love to visit Nou Camp one day. I also like to swim, play PlayStation games and watching movies. Interstellar is my favourite!

Would you like to become a colleague of Jack? Has this sparked your interest in finding out more about coming to work for us? At Beyond Now you can expect exciting projects as well as motivated and highly qualified people with diverse backgrounds. To find out more, visit:


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